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(The Historic True Heritage city of Bangladesh)

Sonargaon meaning City of Gold was a historic administrative, commercial and maritime center in Bengal. Situated in the center of the Ganges delta, it was the seat of the medieval Muslim rulers and governors of eastern Bengal. Sonargaon was described by numerous historic travelers, including Ibn Battuta, Ma Huan, Niccolò de' Conti and Ralph Fitch as a thriving center of trade and commerce. It was an administrative center of Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah's sultanate, the Bengal Sultanate and the Kingdom of Bhati. The area is located near the modern industrial river port of Narayanganj in Bangladesh. Today, the name Sonargaon survives as the Sonargaon Upazila (Sonargaon Sub-region) in the region.

Muslim Settlers first arrive in Sonargaon in around 1281, from the first settlers like Sufi Saint Sharfuddin Abu Tawwamah, Sultan Firoz Shah his son Ghiyasuddin Bahadur Sha and later Bahram Khan resided and ruled Sonargaon under Emperor Muhammad bin Tughlaq. The history goes on by various ruler and whom treasures Sonargaon with building various palaces, Mosque and monument, which are hard to find now a days.

Old Sonargaon can be found near Narayanganj and Dhaka, cities in Bangladesh, and is considered one of the first and oldest capitals of Bengal. Sonargaon was known as “The City of Panam” and was a focal part of the renowned Deva Dynasty until the thirteenth century. Mainly middle or upper class people inhabited Sonargaon during that time period.

For those interested in historical and archaeological relics, which have been unearthed from Sonargaon, for them the Zainal Abedin Museum (Folk Arts and Crafts Museum)is a good place to visit.

Old Sonargaon is a wonderful city to visit, with so much to offer to the visitors if history and culture is what they enjoy.

Tour Highlights

  • 15th Century Goaldi Mosque
  • Folk Arts and Crafts Museum
  • Visit Abandoned Merchant City (Panam Nagar)
  • Boat Riding on Museum Lake
  • Boat Ride on River Meghna
  • Experiencing Life on a Char (A Small land in the River)

Itinerary of Visiting Sonargaon

8.00 AM – Our Guide and driver will met with tourists at Hotel and start from there to Sonargaon (approx. 50 KM from Northern side of Dhaka City, Travelling duration may vary to 1.50 to 2.00 hours).

9.30/10.00 AM – Starting visit by Goaldi Mosque. (A graceful Single domed mosque originated from Pre-Mughal area as precise novel shrine of the original Heritage of Bangladesh.)

10.30 to 12.00 – Visit Folk Arts and Crafts Museum where we will visit mainly the Sadar Bari (Open House) richly ornamented by 17th century onward local Falk Arts and Handicrafts. The museum represents the authentic culture and heritage of Bengal nation. After visiting the full museum the Guest can have a watery stroll in the museum lake by small boat by choice.

12.15 -01.00 PM – Visit abandoned city Panam Nagar (Situated in 1895-1905) this settlement consist of single street lined with around 50 mansions build by then the local Hindu wealthy merchants.

1.15 – 2.00- Lunch on a Decent Local Restaurant with authentic local food.

2.00 – 4.00 PM – Visit a Char (Small land in the river) during our boat journey in mighty river Meghna. Where we discover the true life of farmers in Bangladesh.

4.00 – 5.30 PM – Starts for Dhaka, Reaching Hotel therefore the end of Dhaka Heritage Sonargaon tour.

At least a group of two is required for the tour.

  • 2 Person Tour – U$D 130.00
  • Additional per pax – U$D 50.00

Notes :

Sonargaon Folk Arts and Crafts Museum is closed at Wednesdays and Thursday.

In Case of Tour days are Friday or Saturday (or at any Govt. of Bangladesh Holiday) the Pickup will at 9.00 AM. As there would be less traffic on the streets.


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