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An Efficient & Resourceful Car Rental Service Provider in Bangladesh.

Elite Car BD Bangladesh - more than 16 years experienced Car Rental Company, operating their services towards Multinational Corporates, UN Bodies, and Ministry of Government also in individual Corporate sectors with utmost satisfaction and respite to its clients. Elite Car BD mostly engages their Rent a Car services in various development projects and international specialized missions along with general people’s daily transportation needs.

Located in Dhaka, Bangladesh (15 million inhabitants), Elite Car BD offers currently 44 cars (owned and outsourced). The company's position statement says: “the people in Dhaka who are engaged in various type of jobs in the city, are always searching for a vehicle to speed up their priorities and reach their destination safely and economically, these peoples are Elite Car BDs’ valuable clients who pays a fair rate for a reliable car & satisfying journey.” Elite Car BD is better choice because it always provides new & affordable cars and reliable services to the clients as per their needs.

The company is founded on core values of service, feature, value, responsibility and availability. These values reflect our aspiration to serve our clients, our team and our commitment to the community is at the highest level and hold fast to standard of excellence and professionalism. Those values helped build our reputation between the Clients/Corporate/Govt. Sector/Hotels and many other sectors we are working with. Elite Car BD believe in positive judgment and attitude are the key factors that lead to improvements in our vast connecting world, and that the actions we take based upon these motivations are what make the real variation.

The company's position statement says: “For persons in Dhaka who are working in the city are always searching for a temporary vehicle for their multiple purposes, they are willing to pay a fair rate for a reliable car, making their rental experience as pleasant as possible”. Elite Car BD is better because it provides new cars and a very good customer service.

The tourist industry, performing a vibrant center of entertainment for local and foreign tourists (Asian, Europeans & Americans, etc.) in Bangladesh there are plenty beautiful tourist spots, tourist oriented shops, restaurants, banks, high-rise luxurious hotels. Elite Car BD differentiates itself from other competitors by giving customer service and reliability of cars, offering an updated fleet of well-known cars. When a customer takes service from Elite Car BD, he receives 24 hours support, tips for places to visit and, mainly a fair rate.

Starting with the marketing map, and detailing to the cash flow, all revenue is reinvested in the company, in order to feed this growth machine. Also, old cars are sold to perform new vehicles financing. Behind Elite Car BD’s Critical success factors in its market are location, competitive price, customer service, reliable cars and web site. In the list of opportunities are Elite Car BD’s web site, advertising on Google and web sites of travel agencies, city information, investing in customer service, promoting Elite Car BD location, promoting one of the biggest Elite Car BD strength: its excellent location, promoting the fact that Elite Car BD is local, promoting the beauties of Bangladesh to the tourist, partnerships with travel agencies, magazines and tourism web sites and, also, providing online payments (for reservations).


  • Daily And Weekly Vehicle Rentals
  • Short Term Commercial Vehicle Rental
  • Short Term Leases From 3 To 12 Months
  • Long Term Leases From 1 To 3 Years
  • Chauffeur Drive Services With Uniformed, Multi-Lingual Drivers
  • 24-Hour Monitoring Services
  • Instant International Reservation Facility With Airport Meet And Greet
  • Airport Pickup And Drop Off
  • Package Tour For Travelling Team Through Out The Country
  • Customized Vehicle Support As Per Clients Need
  • Prompt Fleet Management
  • Hotel/Motel/Rest house Accommodation
  • Vehicle Services to reach any Destination
  • Information and FAQ about Bangladesh
  • Distance Chart and Route Consultancy
  • Air Ticket, Passport & Visa related Services
  • Multilingual Interpreter
  • Special/Customized Tour Packages

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